Sunday, September 18, 2011

HD Player VS Blu Ray

I guess the store that sells the CD, DVD and also Blu Ray doesn't practical anymore when the technology come with HD Media Player that not require a disc! It make me thinking what will happen to our entertainment industry someday?

As people in Malaysia, the government has been prevent some downloaded site to visit as free downloaded site to help the entertainment industry back in business.

But are the government can prevent the technology grow? as I know the HD Player only require a movie data in your harddisc or USB. The movie itself you can share between your friend or downloaded it for free in the internet.

When we talks about internet, no one can stop it from grow. The movie/music itself, when the government prevent the downloaded site, we have the other choice. The downloaded site is too much to handle by the government. 

But do you know that we as the user that always happy when downloaded the movie now faces the scam in the internet. I couldn't happy anymore as the scam all over the new and hottest film nowadays. It's hard to get the right copy. 

It make sense now that one day we buy a disc from the pirate disc. It funny now we been cheated back by them. It a cycle of life.


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