Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Google + is better than Facebook

So, Google launched its long-awaited new social network Google +. According to rumors, it was she was instantly at the peak of popularity, Facebook moved into second place. According to the site comScore, before users spent 62% more time on Facebook, than on Google and its related sites, which could not possibly please the developers of Google and meant a significant loss in advertising. Former Projects Google, such as Buzz and Orkut, have failed, but a new attempt, a social network Google +, has been very successful and has a good chance to completely replace Facebook.

1. Slogan «Google Plus» is the simplicity and naturalness, and its positioning as a "simple and easy way to share information with friends." Thus, the main advantages of «Google Plus»:

The first advantage: Privacy. «Google Plus» introduced a special "community" - the specific group of users, so that you can determine for themselves what information and with whom to share.

2. The second advantage: Facebook offers the option of "friends" - so, basically, you can also determine for themselves what content and for any of your readers is an open question. But the process of forming groups of friends on Facebook is much more complicated than «Google Plus».

3. The third advantage: «Google Plus» is the perfect addition to the projects Google Map and operating system, Android, which acts on many smartphones.

4. A fourth advantage: Facebook recently too, "overcrowded". Often in your contact list you can find people, which generally have no idea. According to recent studies, all in a larger number of Facebook users a feeling of unease and insecurity. In addition, the site leaves a lot of users, saying that just because they have too many unwanted contact and receive requests for admission to friends of people with whom to be friends and do not want to communicate. It should also be noted that most U.S. citizens are dissatisfied with where and created a social network. Eloquent proof, is not it?

The fifth advantage: Because the encoding site Facebook is a PHP, to develop applications for the site is problematic. And just in the application of social networks and are most popular.

The sixth advantage: As long as that one advantage of Facebook is that it can create pages of firms and companies to promote their advertising and promotion in the market. But «Google Plus», most likely, too, will soon be possible.

Seventh: In addition, the company Google is elementary more experience than of Facebook, at least by the fact that it exists for a longer time.
Eight: And, finally, the option «Google Plus», as Huddle, which allows you to send messages to groups of friends entirely.

5. That these eight factors are prerequisites for the enormous success Google Plus. Time will tell whether this will get a new social network development.


  1. thank visited myblog, no comment now, i'l backthank visited myblog, no comment now, i'l back

  2. hmm, we can send out messages to multiple users too in facebook. googleplus will also be overcrowded sooner or later. its just the matter of time. facebook too has applications for smart or un-smart phones. and they have got bing map for locations as well.

    dont worry, im not mark zuckerberg. just giving opinions.



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